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Whether (IPA: /ˈhwɛðɝ/, /ˈwɛðɝ/)

Whether (pron.)

Which (of two); which one (of two); -- used interrogatively and relatively.

Whether (conj.)

In case; if; -- used to introduce the first or two or more alternative clauses, the other or others being connected by or, or by or whether. When the second of two alternatives is the simple negative of the first it is sometimes only indicated by the particle not or no after the correlative, and sometimes it is omitted entirely as being distinctly implied in the whether of the first.

Whether Rhymes

Feather, Grether, Heather, Leather, Nether, Raether, Sether, Tether, Weather, Whether

Birdfeather, Together

Altogether, Merriweather

Spanish Translation

Whether in Spanish is Si

Tagalog Translation

Whether in Tagalog is Kahit

Example Sentence (Quote)

" (when asked whether he planned to resign from the ballotage) Tan sólo un borracho puede hacer tales afirmaciones"" - Carlos Menem

Example Sentence (Quote)

" [On numerous occasions, Latka has an automatic response, whether appropriate or not.] Thank you very much!" - Taxi (TV series)

Example Sentence (Quote)

" [The Doolittle Air Raid on Tokyo in April 1942] ended the debate... as to whether Midway was to be attacked." - World War II

Example Sentence (Quote)

" [when asked whether 900 portaloos are needed for his soldiers] Well we can't have 20 soldiers to 1 shitter." - Dead Ringers

Example Sentence (Quote)

" 14: Thou shalt always clean thy plate and not waste anything, whether thy stomach is full or not." - Moral Orel

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