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Votes (IPA: /ˈvoʊts/)


Ethnic group


Choice made in an election


Family name

VOTES (Acronym / Abbreviation)

Valve operation test and evaluation system

Votes Rhymes

Bloats, Boat's, Boats, Coat's, Coats, Cotes, Dotes, Floats, Gloats, Goat's, Goats, Moats, Motes, Note's, Notes, Notes', Oates, Oats, Ploetz, Quotes, Throats, Totes, Vote's, Votes

Capote's, Connotes, Denotes, Devotes, Promotes

Spanish Translation

Votes in Spanish is Votos

Tagalog Translation

Votes in Tagalog is Bumoto

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Democracy is the power of equal votes for unequal minds." - Democracy

Example Sentence (Quote)

"He votes as a Southern man, and votes sectionally; I am also a Southern man, but vote nationally on national questions." - United States Congress

Example Sentence (Quote)

"I will pick up a large percentage of votes on both sides (Republican and Democrat) and those in the middle." - Scott Ashjian

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Indeed, truth draws strength from itself and not from the number of votes in its favour." - Truth

Example Sentence (Quote)

" More votes equals a loss.. .revolution!" - Donald Trump

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