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Unmade (IPA: /ənˈmeɪd/)

Unmade (a.)

Not yet made or formed; as, an unmade grave.

Unmade (a.)

Deprived of form, character, etc.; disunited.

Unmade Rhymes

Ade, Aid, Aide, Bade, Bayed, Blade, Braid, Brayed, Cade, Dade, Eyde, Fade, Fayed, Flayed, Frayed, Gade, Glade, Grade, Grayed, Hade, Haid, Heyd, Heyde, Jade, Kade, Lade, Laid, Made, Maid, Mayde, Paid, Payed, Played, Prayed, Preyed, Quade, Quaid, Raid, Rayed, Sayed, Schade, Schrade, Shade, Slade, Spade, Spaid, Spayd, Spayde, Spayed, Sprayed, Stade, Staid, Stayed, Strayed, Suede, Swayed, They'd, Trade, Wade, Waid, Waide, Weighed, Zaid

Abrade, Afraid, Allayed, Arcade, Arrayed, Betrayed, Blockade, Brascade, Brigade, Brocade, Buffeted, Cascade, Charade, Cliched, Conveyed, Crocheted, Crusade, Decade, Decayed, Degrade, Delayed, Dismayed, Displayed, Dissuade, Evade, Filleted, Forbade, Granade, Grenade, Handmade, Home-made, Homemade, Invade, Kincade, Kincaid, Manmade, Marcade, Mccade, Mcdade, Mcdaid, Mcglade, Mcquade, Mcquaid, Mcquaide, Mislaid, Obeyed, Okayed, Outweighed, Parade, Persuade, Pervade, Portrayed, Prepaid, Remade, Repaid, Replayed, Sauteed, Surveyed, Tirade, Unmade, Unpaid, Unswayed, Upbraid, Upgrade

Colonnade, Disobeyed, Lemonade, Masquerade, Metrodade, Overpaid, Overplayed, Overstayed, Palisade, Promenade, Serenade, Unafraid, Underpaid, Underplayed, Usaid

Spanish Translation

Unmade in Spanish is Deshecho

Example Sentence (Quote)

" It's in the private places of the heart that freedom is made or unmade by the discipline we create there." - Alan Keyes

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