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Unheard (IPA: /ənˈhɝd/)

Unheard (a.)

Not heard; not perceived by the ear; as, words unheard by those present.

Unheard (a.)

Not granted an audience or a hearing; not allowed to speak; not having made a defense, or stated one's side of a question; disregarded; unheeded; as, to condem/ a man unheard.

Unheard (a.)

Not known to fame; not illustrious or celebrated; obscure.

Unheard Synonyms

Inaudible, Unhearable

Unheard Rhymes

Bird, Blurred, Burd, Byrd, Curd, Ferd, Gerd, Gird, Gjerde, Heard, Herd, Hird, Hurd, Jerde, Kurd, Leard, Nerd, Purred, Slurred, Spurred, Stirred, Third, Word

Abjured, Absurd, Alward, Chauffeured, Concurred, Conferred, Deferred, Demurred, Deterred, Incurred, Inferred, Interred, Misheard, Occured, Occurred, Prefered, Preferred, Recurred, Referred, Reword, Transfered, Transferred, Uncured, Unheard

Overheard, Undeterred

Spanish Translation

Unheard in Spanish is Inaudito

Tagalog Translation

Unheard in Tagalog is Di-naririnig

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