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Tract (IPA: /ˈtɹækt/)

Tract (n.)

A written discourse or dissertation, generally of short extent; a short treatise, especially on practical religion.

Tract (v.)

Something drawn out or extended; expanse.

Tract (v.)

A region or quantity of land or water, of indefinite extent; an area; as, an unexplored tract of sea.

Tract (v.)

Traits; features; lineaments.

Tract (v.)

The footprint of a wild beast.

Tract (v.)

Track; trace.

Tract (v.)

Treatment; exposition.

Tract (v.)

Continuity or extension of anything; as, the tract of speech.

Tract (v.)

Continued or protracted duration; length; extent.

Tract (v.)

Verses of Scripture sung at Mass, instead of the Alleluia, from Septuagesima Sunday till the Saturday befor Easter; -- so called because sung tractim, or without a break, by one voice, instead of by many as in the antiphons.

Tract (v. t.)

To trace out; to track; also, to draw out; to protact.


Part of Christian liturgy


Type of literary work

Tract Synonyms

Pathway, Nerve Tract, Nerve Pathway

Tract Synonyms


Tract Synonyms

Parcel Of Land, Piece Of Land, Parcel, Piece Of Ground

TRACT (Acronym / Abbreviation)


Tract Rhymes

Act, Backed, Blacked, Bracht, Cracked, Fact, Hacked, Jacked, Kracht, Lacked, Packed, Pact, Pracht, Racked, Sacked, Schacht, Slacked, Smacked, Stacked, Tacked, Tact, Tracht, Tracked, Tract, Whacked, Wracked

Abstract, Attacked, Attract, Compact, Contract, Detract, Diffract, Distract, Enact, Exact, Extract, Impact, Intact, Medfact, Protract, React, Redact, Repacked, Retract, Subtract, Transact, Unpacked

Inexact, Interact, Reenact

Counterattacked, Overreact

Spanish Translation

Tract in Spanish is Tracto

Tagalog Translation

Tract in Tagalog is Pitak Ng Jupa

Example Sentence (Quote)

".. .why doesn't somebody write a tract on How to Be a Christian and yet keep your Hands off of Other People's Things."" - Mark Twain

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