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Successor (IPA: /səkˈsɛsɝ/)

Successor (n.)

One who succeeds or follows; one who takes the place which another has left, and sustains the like part or character; -- correlative to predecessor; as, the successor of a deceased king.


2000 EP by Sonata Arctica




Album by Fred Warmsley

Successor Synonyms


Successor Synonyms


Successor Rhymes

Besser, Bresser, Chesser, Dresser, Esser, Gresser, Guesser, Hesser, Jesser, Kresser, Leser, Lesser, Lessor, Loesser, Messer, Nesser, Presser, Schlesser, Stressor, Vesser

Aggressor, Assessor, Compressor, Kolesar, Oppressor, Possessor, Prof. Professor, Successor, Suppressor, Transgressor

Spanish Translation

Successor in Spanish is Sucesor

Tagalog Translation

Successor in Tagalog is Halili

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Gaahahahaha! Finally, I've got the true successor to the Azure! Try and stop me NOW, Master Unit Amaterasu!" - BlazBlue

Example Sentence (Quote)

"I have to acknowledge that my successor has been a more adept salesman, event manager and communicator than me." - Manmohan Singh

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