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Stated (IPA: /ˈsteɪtɪd/)

Stated (imp. & p. p.)

of State

Stated (a.)

Settled; established; fixed.

Stated (a.)

Recurring at regular time; not occasional; as, stated preaching; stated business hours.

Stated Synonyms

Declared, Expressed, Explicit

Stated Rhymes

Baited, Bated, Dated, Fated, Feted, Gaited, Gated, Grated, Hated, Mated, Plated, Rated, Sated, Skated, Slated, Stated, Waited, Weighted

Abated, Awaited, Belated, Berated, Created, Debated, Deflated, Dilated, Elated, Equated, Inflated, Misstated, Negated, Predated, Prorated, Related, Restated, Sedated, Translated, Undated, Unrated, Unstated, Updated, Vacated

Annotated, Conjugated, Desecrated, Overrated, Overweighted, Reinstated, Unabated, Underrated, Underweighted, Unrelated

Spanish Translation

Stated in Spanish is Fijado

Tagalog Translation

Stated in Tagalog is Isinaysay

Example Sentence (Quote)

" All history is a Bible"”a thing stated in words by me more than once." - Histeria!

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Burns stated that We've got to remember that the people who first hit us in 9/11 entered this country through Canada."" - Conrad Burns

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Mayor Koch has stated that hate and rancor should be removed from our hearts. I do not think so." - Donald Trump

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Richard Dawkins, 'Unweaving The Rainbow'; Dawkins has stated on many occasions that this passage will be read at his funeral." - Death

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