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Restricted (IPA: /ɹiˈstɹɪktəd/, /ɹiˈstɹɪktɪd/)

Restricted (imp. & p. p.)

of Restrict


GSRR video game content rating

Restricted Synonyms

Out-of-bounds, Circumscribed, Unfree, Off-limits, Closed, Limited, Classified, Confined

Restricted Synonyms


Restricted Synonyms

Limited, Controlled

Restricted Synonyms

Qualified, Modified

Restricted Rhymes

Addicted, Afflicted, Conflicted, Constricted, Convicted, Depicted, Evicted, Inflicted, Predicted, Restricted

Contradicted, Unrestricted

Spanish Translation

Restricted in Spanish is Restringido

Tagalog Translation

Restricted in Tagalog is May-takda

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