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Represented (IPA: /ˌɹɛpɹɪˈzɛntɪd/)

Represented Synonyms

Diagrammatic, Delineate, Depicted, Portrayed, Pictured, Described, Diagrammatical, Delineated

Represented Rhymes

Dented, Rented, Scented, Tented, Vented

Augmented, Cemented, Consented, Contented, Demented, Dissented, Fermented, Invented, Lamented, Presented, Prevented, Relented, Repented, Resented, Segmented, Consented, Dissented, Invented, Presented, Prevented, Relented, Resented, Segmented

Circumvented, Discontented, Reinvented, Represented, Represented
Misrepresented, Unrepresented, Misrepresented

Spanish Translation

Represented in Spanish is Representado

Example Sentence (Quote)

"A tragedy can never suffer by delay: a comedy may, because the allusions or the manners represented in it maybe temporary." - Comedy

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Disgrace should be represented upside down, because all her deeds are contrary to God and tend to hell." - Leonardo da Vinci

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Eventually, these people will have trials and they will have counsel and they will be represented in a court of law." - George W. Bush

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Justice discards party, friendship, kindred, and is therefore always represented as blind." - Justice

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