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Regularly (IPA: /ˈɹɛɡjəɫɝɫi/)

Regularly (adv.)

In a regular manner; in uniform order; methodically; in due order or time.

Regularly Synonyms

On A Regular Basis

Regularly Rhymes


Spanish Translation

Regularly in Spanish is Regularmente

Tagalog Translation

Regularly in Tagalog is Panayan

Example Sentence (Quote)

" [End of diatribe. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...]" - Larry Wall

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Muffin (Tiamat), Fiend of Air: Moron. I never owned an invisible sky castle. Just that regularly visible one over there." - 8-Bit Theater

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Politicians are like nappies, they should be changed regularly and for the same reason." - Politics

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The duke had a mind that ticked like a clock and, like a clock, it regularly went cuckoo." - Discworld

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The privileged have regularly invited their own destruction with their greed." - John Kenneth Galbraith

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