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Receives (IPA: /ɹəˈsivz/, /ɹiˈsivz/, /ɹɪˈsivz/)

Receives Rhymes

Biev's, Cheves, Cleaves, Eaves, Eves, Gleaves, Greaves, Grieves, Heaves, Leaves, Neaves, Neves, Peeves, Reaves, Reeves, Reeves', Reves, Rieves, Sheaves, Shreves, Sleeves, Steeves, Steve's, Steves, Teves, Thieve, Thieves, Thieves', Weaves

Achieves, Aviv's, Believes, Perceives, Receives, Relieves, Retrieves



Spanish Translation

Receives in Spanish is Recibe

Tagalog Translation

Receives in Tagalog is Tumanggap

Example Sentence (Quote)

"A favor well bestowed is almost as great an honor to him who confers it as to him who receives it." - Richard Steele

Example Sentence (Quote)

"By the rule of law, the King neither receives or pays costs." - Legal remedies

Example Sentence (Quote)

"He who receives a benefit with gratitude repays the first installment on his debt." - Gifts

Example Sentence (Quote)

"He who receives a sacrament does not perform a good work, he receives a benefit." - Sacrament

Example Sentence (Quote)

"In giving, a man receives more than he gives, and the more is in proportion to the worth of the thing given." - Gifts

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