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Pursuits (IPA: /pɝˈsuts/)


1972 film by Michael Crichton


1989 television film directed by Ian Sharp


Stuck in the Sound album


CBS television series


Andy Mangels novel

Pursuits Rhymes

Boots, Bootz, Brutes, Buttes, Chutes, Coots, Feutz, Flutes, Fruits, Hoots, Kreutz, Loots, Lutes, Moots, Mootz, Newt's, Newts, Puetz, Roots, Routes, Ruetz, Schuetz, Schuetze, Scoots, Shoots, Shutes, Smoots, Stoots, Stutes, Suit's, Suits, Toots

Beirut's, Cahoots, Commutes, Computes, Dilutes, Disputes, Macoutes, Pollutes, Pursuits, Recruit's, Recruits, Refutes, Salutes

Example Sentence (Quote)

"To understand the true quality of people, you must look into their minds, and examine their pursuits and aversions." - Quality

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