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Predicate (IPA: /ˈpɹɛdəˌkeɪt/, /ˈpɹɛdɪkət/)

Predicate (v. t.)

To assert to belong to something; to affirm (one thing of another); as, to predicate whiteness of snow.

Predicate (v. t.)

To found; to base.

Predicate (v. i.)

To affirm something of another thing; to make an affirmation.

Predicate (v. t.)

That which is affirmed or denied of the subject. In these propositions, "LFT Paper is white, RHT" "LFT Ink is not white, RHT" whiteness is the predicate affirmed of paper and denied of ink.

Predicate (v. t.)

The word or words in a proposition which express what is affirmed of the subject.

Predicate (a.)



Sentence constituent


Concept of mathematical logic

Predicate Synonyms

Verb Phrase

Predicate Synonyms


Predicate Synonyms


Predicate Rhymes

Dedicate, Predicate, Predicate


Spanish Translation

Predicate in Spanish is Predicado

Tagalog Translation

Predicate in Tagalog is Panaguri

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