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Pillage (IPA: /ˈpɪɫɪdʒ/)

Pillage (n.)

The act of pillaging; robbery.

Pillage (n.)

That which is taken from another or others by open force, particularly and chiefly from enemies in war; plunder; spoil; booty.

Pillage (v. i.)

To strip of money or goods by open violence; to plunder; to spoil; to lay waste; as, to pillage the camp of an enemy.

Pillage (v. i.)

To take spoil; to plunder; to ravage.

Pillage Synonyms

Dirty Money, Prize, Swag, Plunder, Loot, Booty

Pillage Synonyms

Pillaging, Plundering

Pillage Synonyms

Strip, Rifle, Ransack, Despoil, Reave, Fora, Plunder, Loot

Pillage Rhymes

Millage, Milledge, Pillage, Spillage, Village

Spanish Translation

Pillage in Spanish is Pillaje

Tagalog Translation

Pillage in Tagalog is Manloob

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