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Opaque (IPA: /oʊˈpeɪk/)

Opaque (a.)

Impervious to the rays of light; not transparent; as, an opaque substance.

Opaque (a.)

Obscure; not clear; unintelligible.

Opaque (n.)

That which is opaque; opacity.



Opaque Synonyms

Light-tight, Unclear, Turbid, Murky, Cloudy, Glaucous, Mirky, Milky, Frosted, Milklike, Semiopaque, Whitish, Solid, Foggy, Fogged, Muddy, Lightproof

Opaque Synonyms

Incomprehensible, Unintelligible, Uncomprehensible

OPAQUE (Acronym / Abbreviation)

Optical Atmospheric Quantities in Europe

Opaque Rhymes

Ache, Ake, Bake, Blake, Brake, Break, Cake, Dake, Drake, Fake, Flake, Haik, Hake, Jacque, Jake, Lake, Make, Naik, Paik, Pake, Plake, Quake, Rake, Sake, Schake, Schlake, Schnake, Schwake, Shaik, Shaikh, Shake, Shrake, Snake, Spake, Stake, Steak, Take, Wake, Yake

Awake, Forsake, Mistake, Opaque, Partake, Remake, Retake

Spanish Translation

Opaque in Spanish is Opaco

Tagalog Translation

Opaque in Tagalog is Hindi Lusutan

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