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Malevolent (IPA: /məˈɫɛvəɫənt/)

Malevolent (a.)

Wishing evil; disposed to injure others; rejoicing in another's misfortune.


2002 film


Film in development in 2015 directed by Jason Axinn


2018 horror film by Olaf de Fleur Johannesson

Malevolent Synonyms

Maleficent, Malign, Malefic, Evil

Malevolent Synonyms


Malevolent Rhymes


Benevolent, Malevolent

Spanish Translation

Malevolent in Spanish is Malévolo

Example Sentence (Quote)

" America"”and that means all of us"”opposes apartheid, a malevolent and archaic system totally alien to our ideals." - Apartheid

Example Sentence (Quote)

"He reveals that he has been a poor politician, a bad judge and a malevolent individual." - Gough Whitlam

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Those who operated within the Soviet sphere were the most malevolent in their practices." - Soviet Union

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