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Known (IPA: /ˈnoʊn/)

Known (p. p.)

of Know

Known (p. p.)

of Know.


2018 single by Tauren Wells

Known Synonyms

Identified, Proverbial, Illustrious, Celebrated, Noted, Well-known, Renowned, Famed, Familiar, Famous, Notable, Glorious, Better-known, Best-known, Legendary, Far-famed, Acknowledged

Known Rhymes

Blown, Boan, Boehne, Boen, Bohn, Bohne, Bone, Bown, Bowne, Clone, Coan, Cohn, Cone, Crone, Doan, Doane, Doanh, Don't, Drone, Flown, Fone, Goan, Goen, Groan, Groen, Grone, Grown, Hoehn, Hoehne, Hoen, Hone, Joan, Jone, Kloehn, Known, Koehn, Koehne, Koen, Kohne, Krohn, Loan, Lone, Moan, Moen, Mon, Mone, Oanh, Own, Phone, Plohn, Prone, Rhone, Roan, Roane, Roen, Rone, Schoen, Schone, Scone, Sewn, Shone, Shown, Sloan, Sloane, Slone, Sown, Stone, Thoen, Thone, Throne, Thrown, Tone, Trone, Zone

Alone, Arone, Athlone, Atone, Barone, Barrone, Bastogne, Bayonne, Bemoan, Cadrone, Capone, Carone, Catone, Cirone, Cologne, Condone, Cyclone, Damone, Dethrone, Dijon, Disown, Dragone, Farone, Garone, Hipbone, Homegrown, Intone, Latrone, Leone, Lupone, Malone, Mamone, Marone, Masone, Mccone, Mccrone, Mcglone, Mchone, Mckone, Mckown, Melloan, Milone, Mione, Montrone, Outgrown, Outshone, Palone, Pavone, Perone, Picone, Pirone, Postpone, Ramon, Ramone, Raton, Salone, Scavone, Scimone, Sharon, Shirone, Simone, Stallone, Tirone, Trombone, Tyrone, Unknown, Valone, Vanstone, Varone, Yarchoan

Bourguignon, Calderon, Cipollone, Overblown, Overgrown, Overthrown, Romanone, Unbeknown

Corporacion, Diaz-calderon

Spanish Translation

Known in Spanish is Conocido

Tagalog Translation

Known in Tagalog is Batid

Example Sentence (Quote)

" [U]niversal is known according to reason, but that which is particular, according to sense..." - Aristotle

Example Sentence (Quote)

"A celebrity is a person who is known for his well-knownness." - Daniel J. Boorstin

Example Sentence (Quote)

"A celebrity is one who is known to many persons he is glad he doesn't know." - H. L. Mencken

Example Sentence (Quote)

"A compilation of richas (shlokas) is known as Saama ." - Sama Veda

Example Sentence (Quote)

"A friend cannot be known in prosperity nor an enemy be hidden in adversity." - English proverbs

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