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Juicy (IPA: /ˈdʒusi/)

Juicy (superl.)

A bounding with juice; succulent.


1994 single by The Notorious B.I.G.


Song by Better Than Ezra


American music duo


Album by Willie Bobo


2019 song by Doja Cat and Tyga

Juicy Synonyms

Lush, Succulent, Sappy, Au Jus

Juicy Synonyms

Naughty, Risque, Blue, Racy, Gamey, Gamy, Sexy, Spicy

Juicy Synonyms

Fat, Profitable

Juicy Synonyms

Red-hot, Voluptuous, Toothsome, Luscious, Sexy

Juicy Rhymes

Bucey, Bucy, Bussi, Bussie, Goosey, Juicy, Lucey, Lucie, Lucy, Luisi, Russi, Susi, Toussie

Colussy, Debussy, Deluise, Mancusi, Matusi, Matussi, Perusse, Rafuse, Viscusi, Zanussi


Juicy (Sexual Terminology)

Sexually Excited (females)

Spanish Translation

Juicy in Spanish is Jugoso

Tagalog Translation

Juicy in Tagalog is Makatas

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