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Inspection (IPA: /ˌɪnˈspɛkʃən/)


Organized examination or formal evaluation exercise


Thorough and unhurried physical, medical, or clinical visualization of the client


Print in the National Gallery of Art (NGA 148424)


Print in the National Gallery of Art (NGA 182875)

Inspection Synonyms


Inspection Rhymes

Flexion, Section

Advection, Affection, Collection, Complexion, Confection, Connection, Convection, Correction, Defection, Detection, Direction, Dissection, Ejection, Election, Erection, Infection, Inflection, Injection, Inspection, Objection, Perfection, Projection, Protection, Reflection, Rejection, Selection

Circumspection, Disaffection, Disconnection, Disinfection, Imperfection, Insurrection, Interjection, Intersection, Introspection, Predilection, Preelection, Recollection, Redirection, Reelection, Reinspection, Resurrection
Interconnection, Overprotection

Spanish Translation

Inspection in Spanish is Inspección

Tagalog Translation

Inspection in Tagalog is Inspeksiyon

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