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Incorrigible (IPA: /ˌɪnˈkɑɹədʒəbəɫ/)

Incorrigible (a.)

Not corrigible; incapable of being corrected or amended; bad beyond correction; irreclaimable; as, incorrigible error.

Incorrigible (n.)

One who is corrigible; especially, a hardened criminal; as, the perpetual imprisonment of incorrigibles.


1975 film by Philippe de Broca

Incorrigible Synonyms

Unmanageable, Unreformable, Delinquent, Unregenerate, Disobedient, Uncorrectable, Uncontrollable

Incorrigible Rhymes


Spanish Translation

Incorrigible in Spanish is Incorregible

Example Sentence (Quote)

"It gives me great pleasure, indeed, to see the stubbornness of an incorrigible nonconformist warmly acclaimed." - Albert Einstein

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