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Inclement (IPA: /ˈɪnkɫɪmənt/, /ˌɪnˈkɫɛmənt/)

Inclement (a.)

Not clement; destitute of a mild and kind temper; void of tenderness; unmerciful; severe; harsh.

Inclement (a.)

Physically severe or harsh (generally restricted to the elements or weather); rough; boisterous; stormy; rigorously cold, etc.; as, inclement weather.

Inclement Synonyms


Inclement Synonyms

Unmerciful, Merciless, Unsparing

Inclement Rhymes

Clement, Demont, Hemant, Klement, Tremont

Inclement, Inclement

Spanish Translation

Inclement in Spanish is Inclemente

Tagalog Translation

Inclement in Tagalog is Walang-awa

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