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Ignominious (IPA: /ˌɪɡnəˈmɪniəs/)

Ignominious (a.)

Marked with ignominy; in curring public disgrace; dishonorable; shameful.

Ignominious (a.)

Deserving ignominy; despicable.

Ignominious (a.)

Humiliating; degrading; as, an ignominious judgment or sentence.

Ignominious Synonyms

Opprobrious, Dishonourable, Inglorious, Shameful, Disgraceful, Black, Dishonorable

Ignominious Rhymes

Phineas, Plinius

Aerolineas, Ignominious

Spanish Translation

Ignominious in Spanish is Ignominioso

Tagalog Translation

Ignominious in Tagalog is Kahiya-hiya

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