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Humourous Synonyms

Laughable, Witty, Killing, Sidesplitting, Risible, Gilbertian, Comic, Joking, Screaming, Slapstick, Farcical, Jocose, Zany, Hilarious, Tragicomic, Tragicomical, Mirthful, Jesting, Seriocomical, Pleasing, Seriocomic, Clownish, Ridiculous, Droll, Ironic, Funny, Ludicrous, Facetious, Dry, Bantering, Buffoonish, Humorous, Clownlike, Amusing, Comical, Uproarious, Jocular, Wry, Waggish, Ironical, Tongue-in-cheek

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Comedy is in act superior to tragedy and humourous reasoning superior to grandiloquent reasoning." - Comedy

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