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Gestate (IPA: /ˈdʒɛsˌteɪt/)

Gestate Synonyms

Conceptualize, Conceptualise, Conceive

Gestate Synonyms

Carry, Expec, Bear, Have A Bun In The Oven

Gestate Rhymes

Ate, Aydt, Bait, Bate, Beit, Cate, Chait, Crate, Date, Eight, Fait, Fate, Feight, Fete, Frate, Freight, Gait, Gate, Grate, Great, Haight, Hait, Hate, Kate, Late, Leight, Mate, Nate, Pait, Pate, Plait, Plate, Prate, Rait, Raitt, Rate, Sate, Skate, Slate, Spate, Speight, State, Straight, Strait, Strate, Streight, Tait, Taite, Taitt, Tate, Trait, Wait, Waite, Waitt, Wayt, Weight

Abate, Await, Belate, Berate, Collate, Conflate, Create, Debate, Deflate, Dictate, Dilate, Elate, Equate, Est, Estate, Gestate, Inflate, Innate, Irate, Iwate, Kuwait, Lightweight, M-8, Mccreight, Mcfate, Misstate, Negate, Oblate, Ornate, Postdate, Predate, Prorate, Reflate, Relate, Restate, Sedate, Sumgait, Translate, Tri-state, Update, Upstate

Conjugate, Desecrate, Disinflate, Interstate, Intrastate, Multistate, Overrate, Overweight, Procreate, Reinstate, Silverplate, Solid-state, Telerate, Underrate

Demodulate, Interrelate, Recriminate, Remunerate

Spanish Translation

Gestate in Spanish is Gestar

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