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Gentry (IPA: /ˈdʒɛntɹi/)

Gentry (a.)

Birth; condition; rank by birth.

Gentry (a.)

People of education and good breeding; in England, in a restricted sense, those between the nobility and the yeomanry.

Gentry (a.)

Courtesy; civility; complaisance.


People of high social class, in particular of the land-owning social class


City in Arkansas, USA


Human settlement in Gentry County, Missouri, United States of America


Family name

Gentry Synonyms


Gentry Rhymes

Entry, Gentry, Sentry

Complementary, Elementary, Supplementary

Gentry (Last Name / Surname)

Gentry is the #806 most common last name / surname from the 2010 United States Census. The census reported that 43,027 people had that surname.

Spanish Translation

Gentry in Spanish is Alta Burguesía

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