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Gentility (IPA: /dʒɛnˈtɪɫɪti/)

Gentility (n.)

Good extraction; dignity of birth.

Gentility (n.)

The quality or qualities appropriate to those who are well born, as self-respect, dignity, courage, courtesy, politeness of manner, a graceful and easy mien and behavior, etc.; good breeding.

Gentility (n.)

The class in society who are, or are expected to be, genteel; the gentry.

Gentility (n.)

Paganism; heathenism.

Gentility Synonyms

Breeding, Genteelness

Gentility Rhymes

Ability, Agility, Civility, Debility, Docility, Ductility, Facility, Fertility, Fragility, Futility, Gentility, Hostility, Humility, Mobility, Motility, Nobility, Senility, Stability, Sterility, Tranquility, Utility, Virility
Capability, Credibility, Culpability, Disability, Durability, Fallibility, Feasibility, Flammability, Flexibility, Gullibility, Immobility, Inability, Incivility, Infertility, Instability, Legibility, Liability, Miscibility, Nonutility, Plausibility, Portability, Possibility, Probability, Readability, Rehability, Sensibility, Suitability, Taxability, Versatility, Viability, Visibility, Volatility

Spanish Translation

Gentility in Spanish is Gentilidad

Tagalog Translation

Gentility in Tagalog is Pagkamaharlika

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