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Fraught (IPA: /ˈfɹɔt/)

Fraught (n.)

A freight; a cargo.

Fraught (a.)

Freighted; laden; filled; stored; charged.

Fraught ()

of Fraught

Fraught (n.)

To freight; to load; to burden; to fill; to crowd.

Fraught Synonyms

Full, Pregnant

Fraught Synonyms


Fraught Rhymes

Aught, Brought, Faught, Fought, Fraught, Gaut, Haught, Haut, Laut, Maute, Naught, Ot, Ought, Plaut, Rought, Snot, Sought, Taught, Taut, Thought, Traut, Vaught, Vought, Wat, Wrought

Ayotte, Begot, Cadotte, Distraught, Guillotte, Lamotte, Lezotte, Lizotte, Marcotte, Marotte, Mayotte, Mcnaught, Picotte, Pilotte, Reshot, Rethought, Sicotte, Turcotte

Overbought, Overwrought

Spanish Translation

Fraught in Spanish is Tenso

Tagalog Translation

Fraught in Tagalog is Punung-puno

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