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Fanny (IPA: /ˈfæni/)


French singer


1932 French film directed by Marc Allégret


Female given name


Broadway musical premiered in 1954


1961 American film directed by Joshua Logan

Fanny Synonyms

Posterior, Bottom, Bum, Hindquarters, Rear, Nates, Tooshie, Backside, Tail End, Arse, Tail, Buttocks, Fundament, Derriere, As, Stern, Can, Buns, Behind, Hind End, Prat, Butt, Keister, Seat, Tush, Rear End, Rump

Fanny Synonyms

Female Genital Organ, Female Genitals, Female Genitalia

Fanny (Last Name / Surname)

Fanny is the #106,570 most common last name / surname from the 2010 United States Census. The census reported that 167 people had that surname.

Fanny (Sexual Terminology)


Spanish Translation

Fanny in Spanish is Coño

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