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Fallow (IPA: /ˈfæˌɫoʊ/)

Fallow (a.)

Pale red or pale yellow; as, a fallow deer or greyhound.

Fallow (n.)

Left untilled or unsowed after plowing; uncultivated; as, fallow ground.

Fallow (n.)

Plowed land.

Fallow (n.)

Land that has lain a year or more untilled or unseeded; land plowed without being sowed for the season.

Fallow (n.)

The plowing or tilling of land, without sowing it for a season; as, summer fallow, properly conducted, has ever been found a sure method of destroying weeds.

Fallow (n.)

To plow, harrow, and break up, as land, without seeding, for the purpose of destroying weeds and insects, and rendering it mellow; as, it is profitable to fallow cold, strong, clayey land.

Fallow ()

A European species of deer (Cervus dama), much smaller than the red deer. In summer both sexes are spotted with white. It is common in England, where it is often domesticated in the parks.


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Family name

Fallow Synonyms

Unexploited, Undeveloped

Fallow Synonyms

Unbroken, Unploughed, Unplowed

Fallow Rhymes

Aloe, Fallow

Fallow (Last Name / Surname)

Fallow is the #113,155 most common last name / surname from the 2010 United States Census. The census reported that 155 people had that surname.

Spanish Translation

Fallow in Spanish is Barbecho

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