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Exertion (IPA: /ɪɡˈzɝʃən/)

Exertion (n.)

The act of exerting, or putting into motion or action; the active exercise of any power or faculty; an effort, esp. a laborious or perceptible effort; as, an exertion of strength or power; an exertion of the limbs or of the mind; it is an exertion for him to move, to-day.


Use of physical or perceived energy by a person

Exertion Synonyms

Elbow Grease, Travail, Sweat, Effort

Exertion Rhymes

Gershon, Mershon

Assertion, Cistercian, Coercion, Desertion, Exertion, Insertion


Spanish Translation

Exertion in Spanish is Esfuerzo

Tagalog Translation

Exertion in Tagalog is Kana

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