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Execrable (IPA: /ˌɛɡˈzɛkɹəbəɫ/)

Execrable (a.)

Deserving to be execrated; accursed; damnable; detestable; abominable; as, an execrable wretch.

Execrable Synonyms

Detestable, Abominable, Odious, Hateful

Execrable Synonyms

Damnable, Cursed, Curst

Execrable Synonyms

Woeful, Deplorable, Wretched, Miserable, Inferior

Execrable Rhymes


Tagalog Translation

Execrable in Tagalog is Kasuklam-suklam

Example Sentence (Quote)

" That execrable sum of all villanies commonly called the Slave-trade." - Slavery

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Whence and what art thou, execrable shape?" - Paradise Lost

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