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Exasperate (IPA: /ɪɡˈzæspɝˌeɪt/)

Exasperate (a.)

Exasperated; imbittered.

Exasperate (v. t.)

To irritate in a high degree; to provoke; to enrage; to exscite or to inflame the anger of; as, to exasperate a person or his feelings.

Exasperate (v. t.)

To make grievous, or more grievous or malignant; to aggravate; to imbitter; as, to exasperate enmity.

Exasperate Synonyms

Aggravate, Exacerbate

Exasperate Synonyms

Infuriate, Incense

Exasperate Synonyms

Worsen, Aggravate, Exacerbate

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Spanish Translation

Exasperate in Spanish is Exasperar

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