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Erode (IPA: /ˈiɹoʊd/, /ɪˈɹoʊd/)

Erode (v. t.)

To eat into or away; to corrode; as, canker erodes the flesh.


City in Tamil Nadu, India


Male given name


Human settlement in India

Erode Synonyms

Fret, Eat Away

Erode Synonyms

Gnaw, Eat At, Gnaw At, Wear Away

Erode Rhymes

Blowed, Bode, Bowed, Brode, Coad, Code, Coed, Crowed, Flowed, Gloede, Glowed, Goad, Goedde, Goede, Grode, Knode, Knowed, Load, Lode, Moad, Mode, Moede, Mowed, Node, Ode, Owed, Rhoad, Rhode, Road, Rode, Roed, Rohde, Rowed, Sewed, Showed, Shrode, Slowed, Snowed, Sowed, Stowed, Strode, Thode, Toad, Toed, Towed

Abode, Bestowed, Bestrode, Busload, Commode, Corrode, Decode, Encode, Erode, Explode, Forebode, Implode, Kanode, M-code, Methode, Out-mode, Outmode, Plateaued, Reload, Unbowed, Unload, Erode, Zeroed

Overflowed, Overrode

Spanish Translation

Erode in Spanish is Erosionar

Tagalog Translation

Erode in Tagalog is Kumain

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Some people play tennis, I erode the human soul. [6]" - Penny Arcade

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