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Entreat (v. t.)

To treat, or conduct toward; to deal with; to use.

Entreat (v. t.)

To treat with, or in respect to, a thing desired; hence, to ask earnestly; to beseech; to petition or pray with urgency; to supplicate; to importune.

Entreat (v. t.)

To beseech or supplicate successfully; to prevail upon by prayer or solicitation; to persuade.

Entreat (v. t.)

To invite; to entertain.

Entreat (v. i.)

To treat or discourse; hence, to enter into negotiations, as for a treaty.

Entreat (v. i.)

To make an earnest petition or request.

Entreat (n.)



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Entreat Synonyms

Bid, Adjure, Beseech, Press, Conjure

Spanish Translation

Entreat in Spanish is Rogar A

Tagalog Translation

Entreat in Tagalog is Himukin

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