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Enduring (IPA: /ɛnˈdjʊɹɪŋ/, /ɪnˈdʊɹɪŋ/)

Enduring (p. pr. & vb. n.)

of Endure

Enduring (a.)

Lasting; durable; long-suffering; as, an enduring disposition.

Enduring Synonyms

Permanent, Abiding, Lasting, Imperishable

Enduring Synonyms

Patient, Long-suffering

Enduring Rhymes

Curing, During, Luehring, Luhring, Luring, Mooring, Touring, Turing

Alluring, Assuring, Enduring, Ensuring, Insuring, Maturing, Obscuring, Procuring, Securing


Spanish Translation

Enduring in Spanish is Duradero

Tagalog Translation

Enduring in Tagalog is Nagtitiis

Example Sentence (Quote)

" All passes, Art alone Enduring stays to us; The Bust out-lasts the throne ,"” The coin, Tiberius." - Art

Example Sentence (Quote)

"It is an irrepressible conflict between opposing and enduring forces." - War

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Moreover, the habits of business are the most enduring of any; " - Ethel Churchill (or The Two Brides)

Example Sentence (Quote)

"My heart is wax molded as she pleases, but enduring as marble to retain." - Miguel de Cervantes

Example Sentence (Quote)

"My heart is wax to be moulded as she pleases, but enduring as marble to retain." - Heart

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