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Encumber (IPA: /ɛnˈkəmbɝ/)

Encumber (v. t.)

To impede the motion or action of, as with a burden; to retard with something superfluous; to weigh down; to obstruct or embarrass; as, his movements were encumbered by his mantle; his mind is encumbered with useless learning.

Encumber (v. t.)

To load with debts, or other legal claims; as, to encumber an estate with mortgages.

Encumber Synonyms

Cumber, Constrain, Restrain

Encumber Rhymes

Cumber, Humber, Lumber, Number, Slumber

Encumber, Macumber, Mccumber, Outnumber


Spanish Translation

Encumber in Spanish is Cargar

Tagalog Translation

Encumber in Tagalog is Pumuno

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