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Emboss (IPA: /ɪmˈbɔs/)

Emboss (v. t.)

To arise the surface of into bosses or protuberances; particularly, to ornament with raised work.

Emboss (v. t.)

To raise in relief from a surface, as an ornament, a head on a coin, or the like.

Emboss (v. t.)

To make to foam at the mouth, like a hunted animal.

Emboss (v. t.)

To hide or conceal in a thicket; to imbosk; to inclose, shelter, or shroud in a wood.

Emboss (v. t.)

To surround; to ensheath; to immerse; to beset.

Emboss (v. i.)

To seek the bushy forest; to hide in the woods.


Acronym for European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite


Human settlement in United Kingdom

Emboss Synonyms

Stamp, Boss

EMBOSS (Acronym / Abbreviation)

European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite

Emboss Rhymes

Bloss, Boss, Boss', Bross, Clauss, Closs, Cos, Coss, Cros, Cross, Dos, Doss, Dross, Fauss, Fross, Gloss, Goss, Joss, Kloss, Knauss, Knous, Koss, Krause, Krausse, Kross, Los, Loss, Mauss, Moss, Nauss, Noss, Oss, Ploss, Poss, Pross, Ros, Sauce, Schloss, Sloss, Soss, Stauss, Toss, Vause, Voss, Yoss, Zoss

Across, Amoss, Chandross, Chavous, Emboss, Exhausts, Hot-cross, Lacross, Lacrosse, Recross, Vandross

Spanish Translation

Emboss in Spanish is Realzar

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