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Emblazon (IPA: /ɛmˈbɫeɪzən/)

Emblazon (v. t.)

To depict or represent; -- said of heraldic bearings. See Blazon.

Emblazon (v. t.)

To deck in glaring colors; to set off conspicuously; to display pompously; to decorate.

Emblazon Synonyms


Emblazon Synonyms

Colour, Color

Emblazon Rhymes

Bazan, Brazen, Caison, Chazen, Clayson, Faison, Hasan, Hazan, Hazen, Jayson, Kazan, Layson, Maison, Mayson, Payson, Rayson, Wayson

Emblazon, Molaison, Okasan

Spanish Translation

Emblazon in Spanish is Engalanar

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