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Distend (IPA: /dɪˈstɛnd/)

Distend (v. t.)

To extend in some one direction; to lengthen out; to stretch.

Distend (v. t.)

To stretch out or extend in all directions; to dilate; to enlarge, as by elasticity of parts; to inflate so as to produce tension; to cause to swell; as, to distend a bladder, the stomach, etc.

Distend (v. i.)

To become expanded or inflated; to swell.

Distend Synonyms

Synonyms: []}

Distend Synonyms


Distend Synonyms

Synonyms: []}

Distend Rhymes

Bend, Blend, End, Ende, Fend, Friend, Lend, Mend, Mende, Pend, Penned, Rend, Rende, Send, Spend, Tend, Trend, Wend, Wende

Abend, Addend, Amend, Append, Arend, Ascend, Attend, Befriend, Commend, Contend, Defend, Depend, Descend, Distend, Expend, Extend, Impend, Intend, Misspend, Offend, Portend, Pretend, Relend, Suspend, Transcend, Unbend, Yearend

Apprehend, Comprehend, Condescend, Recommend, Reoffend


Spanish Translation

Distend in Spanish is Distender

Tagalog Translation

Distend in Tagalog is Magpapintog

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