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Disembark (IPA: /dɪsɛmˈbɑɹk/)

Disembark (v. t.)

To remove from on board a vessel; to put on shore; to land; to debark; as, the general disembarked the troops.

Disembark (v. i.)

To go ashore out of a ship or boat; to leave a ship; to debark.

Disembark Synonyms

Set Down, Debark

Disembark Rhymes

Arc, Ark, Barch, Bark, Barke, Clark, Clarke, Dark, Darke, Harc, Hark, Harke, Karch, Lark, Larke, Marc, Mark, Marke, Marque, Merc, Narc, Parc, Park, Parke, Quark, Sark, Shark, Sparc, Spark, Starck, Stark, Starke

Demark, Embark, Premark, Remark, Transpark

Disembark, Intermark, Question-mark


Spanish Translation

Disembark in Spanish is Desembarcar

Tagalog Translation

Disembark in Tagalog is Lalakad

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