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Discreet (IPA: /dɪsˈkɹit/)

Discreet (superl.)

Possessed of discernment, especially in avoiding error or evil, and in the adaptation of means to ends; prudent; sagacious; judicious; not rash or heedless; cautious.

Discreet (superl.)

Differing; distinct.


2017 film by Travis Mathews

Discreet Synonyms

Circumspect, Prudent

Discreet Synonyms

Discerning, Tactful

Discreet Synonyms

Unostentatious, Restrained, Modest

Discreet Rhymes

Beat, Beet, Bleat, Breit, Cheat, Cleat, Cliett, Crete, Eat, Feat, Feet, Fleet, Freet, Greet, Grete, Heat, Keitt, Kriete, Leet, Leete, Leite, Meat, Meet, Mete, Neat, Neet, Peat, Peet, Peete, Pete, Piet, Piette, Pleat, Prete, Quiett, Seat, Sheet, Skeat, Skeet, Skeete, Sleet, St, Street, Streett, Suite, Sweatt, Sweet, Swete, Teat, Teet, Threatt, Threet, Thweatt, Treat, Tveit, Tweet, Veit, Vliet, Wheat

Amit, Backseat, Bridgette, Bufete, Compete, Complete, Conceit, Concrete, Deceit, Defeat, Delete, Deplete, Discreet, Discrete, Downbeat, Effete, Elite, Excrete, Gamete, Jobete, Lalit, Lanete, Mistreat, Murveit, Offbeat, Petite, Poteat, Puneet, Receipt, Repeat, Replete, Retreat, Secrete, Shumeet, Unseat, Vanfleet, Vanvliet

Incomplete, Indiscreet, Marguerite, Marquerite, Noncompete, Uncomplete

Spanish Translation

Discreet in Spanish is Discreto

Tagalog Translation

Discreet in Tagalog is Mahinahon

Example Sentence (Quote)

"A bride-to-be, Discreet and penitent, she presents herself to her parents in this guise." - Francisco Goya

Example Sentence (Quote)

" For a flying foe Discreet and provident conquerors build up A bridge of gold." - War

Example Sentence (Quote)

"In a discreet man's mouth, a publick thing is private." - Poor Richard's Almanack

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