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Disaffected (IPA: /ˌdɪsəˈfɛktɪd/)

Disaffected (imp. & p. p.)

of Disaffect

Disaffected (a.)

Alienated in feeling; not wholly loyal.


Album by Piano Magic

Disaffected Synonyms

Rebellious, Malcontent, Discontented, Ill-affected, Discontent

Disaffected Rhymes

Affected, Collected, Connected, Corrected, Defected, Deflected, Dejected, Detected, Directed, Dissected, Effected, Ejected, Elected, Erected, Expected, Infected, Inflected, Injected, Inspected, Neglected, Objected, Perfected, Projected, Protected, Reflected, Rejected, Respected, Selected, Subjected, Suspected

Disaffected, Disconnected, Disrespected, Interjected, Intersected, Misdirected, Recollected, Reconnected, Redirected, Reelected, Resurrected, Unaffected, Uncollected, Unconnected, Uncorrected, Undetected, Unelected, Unexpected, Uninfected, Unprotected, Unsuspected

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