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Designate (IPA: /ˈdɛzəɡˌneɪt/, /ˈdɛzɪɡˌneɪt/)

Designate (v. t.)

Designated; appointed; chosen.

Designate (v. t.)

To mark out and make known; to point out; to name; to indicate; to show; to distinguish by marks or description; to specify; as, to designate the boundaries of a country; to designate the rioters who are to be arrested.

Designate (v. t.)

To call by a distinctive title; to name.

Designate (v. t.)

To indicate or set apart for a purpose or duty; -- with to or for; to designate an officer for or to the command of a post or station.

Designate Synonyms


Designate Synonyms

Delegate, Assign, Depute

Designate Synonyms


Designate Synonyms

Fate, Doom, Destine

Designate Synonyms

Specify, Intend, Destine

Designate Rhymes


Spanish Translation

Designate in Spanish is Designado

Tagalog Translation

Designate in Tagalog is Ilagay

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The word art" does not designate the concept of a mere eventuality; it is a concept of rank." - Martin Heidegger

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