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Descry (IPA: /dɛsˈkɹaɪ/)

Descry (v. t.)

To spy out or discover by the eye, as objects distant or obscure; to espy; to recognize; to discern; to discover.

Descry (v. t.)

To discover; to disclose; to reveal.

Descry (n.)

Discovery or view, as of an army seen at a distance.

Descry Synonyms

Spy, Spot, Espy

Descry Rhymes

Ai, Ay, Aye, Bae, Bi, Bligh, Bly, Blye, Brye, Buy, By, Bye, Cai, Chae, Chai, Chi, Cry, Crye, Cy, Dai, Di, Die, Dry, Drye, Dye, Eye, Fae, Fi, Fly, Flye, Frei, Fry, Frye, Fye, Gae, Guy, Heye, Hi, High, Hy, I, I., Jai, Kai, Keye, Kwai, Lai, Lie, Ly, Lye, Mai, Mei, My, Ngai, Nie, Nigh, Nye, Pae, Phi, Phy, Pi, Pie, Ply, Pri, Pry, Psi, Pty, Pye, Rye, Sai, Shai, Shy, Sigh, Sky, Sligh, Sly, Slye, Spry, Spy, Sty, Sy, Tae, Tai, Thai, Thigh, Thy, Tie, Tri, Try, Tsai, Ty, Tye, Vi, Vie, Vy, Wai, Why, Wry, Wrye, Wye, Y, Y., Yie

Akai, Alai, Ally, Altai, Apply, Awry, Bandai, Barkai, Belie, Bely, Bonsai, Brunei, Bye-bye, Chiengmai, Chubais, Chugai, Comply, Decry, Defy, Deny, Descry, Dongmei, Dubai, Dupuy, Good-bye, Goodbye, Hereby, Hi-fi, Imai, Imply, Iwai, July, Kanai, Kansai, Lahaie, Mcfly, Mihai, Mistry, Murai, Nankai, Nearby, Rely, Reply, Retry, Shanghai, Standby, Sundai, Supply, Switaj, Thereby, Tokai, Untie, Uy, Versailles, Whereby, Xuemei, Zhuhai

Dui, Gyi, Kyi, Lxi, Misapply, Overfly, Private-eye, Resupply, Sci, Semidry, Sri, Underlie, Underly

Cspi, Isty, Oversupply, Wy

Spanish Translation

Descry in Spanish is Divisar

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Thus sees the clown, or thinks he can descry The new moon breaking through a cloudy sky." - The Argonautics of Apollonius Rhodius (tr. Francis Fawkes)

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