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Derive (IPA: /dɝˈaɪv/)

Derive (v. t.)

To turn the course of, as water; to divert and distribute into subordinate channels; to diffuse; to communicate; to transmit; -- followed by to, into, on, upon.

Derive (v. t.)

To receive, as from a source or origin; to obtain by descent or by transmission; to draw; to deduce; -- followed by from.

Derive (v. t.)

To trace the origin, descent, or derivation of; to recognize transmission of; as, he derives this word from the Anglo-Saxon.

Derive (v. t.)

To obtain one substance from another by actual or theoretical substitution; as, to derive an organic acid from its corresponding hydrocarbon.

Derive (v. i.)

To flow; to have origin; to descend; to proceed; to be deduced.


Computer algebra system

Derive Synonyms

Come, Descend

Derive Synonyms

Deduce, Deduct, Infer

Derive Synonyms


Derive Synonyms

Synonyms: []}

Derive Synonyms


Derive Rhymes

Clive, Clyve, Dive, Dr, Dr., Drive, Five, Hive, I've, Jive, Live, Shive, Strive, Thrive, Vive

Alive, Arrive, C5, Connive, Contrive, Deprive, Derive, M5, Revive, Survive

Spanish Translation

Derive in Spanish is Derivar

Tagalog Translation

Derive in Tagalog is Galing

Example Sentence (Quote)

" From thousands of our undone widows One may derive some wit." - Thomas Middleton

Example Sentence (Quote)

" The higher standard of living, the more consideration we give to the fun we derive from what we do and its meaningfulness." - Russell L. Ackoff

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