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Demoralize (IPA: /dɪˈmɔɹəˌɫaɪz/)

Demoralize (v. t.)

To corrupt or undermine in morals; to destroy or lessen the effect of moral principles on; to render corrupt or untrustworthy in morals, in discipline, in courage, spirit, etc.; to weaken in spirit or efficiency.

Demoralize Synonyms

Synonyms: []}

Demoralize Synonyms

Vitiate, Profane, Subvert, Deprave, Pervert, Misdirect, Corrupt, Demoralise, Debase, Debauch

Demoralize Synonyms

Dismay, Depress, Deject, Get Down, Cast Down, Demoralise, Dispirit

Demoralize Rhymes



Spanish Translation

Demoralize in Spanish is Desmoralizar

Tagalog Translation

Demoralize in Tagalog is Magpasama

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