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Deduce (IPA: /dɪˈdus/)

Deduce (v. t.)

To lead forth.

Deduce (v. t.)

To take away; to deduct; to subtract; as, to deduce a part from the whole.

Deduce (v. t.)

To derive or draw; to derive by logical process; to obtain or arrive at as the result of reasoning; to gather, as a truth or opinion, from what precedes or from premises; to infer; -- with from or out of.

Deduce Synonyms

Derive, Deduct, Infer

Deduce Synonyms


Deduce Rhymes

Boose, Bruce, Cheuse, Coos, Cruce, Deuce, Deuss, Doose, Druce, Duce, Foose, Fuoss, Goose, Hoose, Juice, Loose, Luce, Moose, Mousse, Noose, Preuss, Pruess, Reuss, Ruess, Seuss, Sluice, Spruce, Truce, Trues, Tyus, Use, Zeus

Abstruse, Abuse, Adduce, Asmus, Caboose, Damoose, Deduce, Derousse, Diffuse, Disuse, Ekeus, Excuse, Induce, Labouisse, Lajous, Misuse, Obtuse, Produce, Profuse, Recluse, Reduce, Reuse, Seduce, Vanhoose

Disabuse, Introduce, Reproduce

Overproduce, Reintroduce

Spanish Translation

Deduce in Spanish is Deducir

Tagalog Translation

Deduce in Tagalog is Maghulo

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Did you really think I would not deduce where you would run to, insect?" - System Shock

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