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Crabbed (IPA: /ˈkɹæbd/)

Crabbed (n.)

Characterized by or manifesting, sourness, peevishness, or moroseness; harsh; cross; cynical; -- applied to feelings, disposition, or manners.

Crabbed (n.)

Characterized by harshness or roughness; unpleasant; -- applied to things; as, a crabbed taste.

Crabbed (n.)

Obscure; difficult; perplexing; trying; as, a crabbed author.

Crabbed (n.)

Cramped; irregular; as, crabbed handwriting.

Crabbed Synonyms

Ill-tempered, Grouchy, Bad-tempered, Fussy, Cross, Ill-natured, Grumpy, Crabby

Crabbed Rhymes

Crabbed, Drabbed, Grabbed, Jabbed, Nabbed, Stabbed

Spanish Translation

Crabbed in Spanish is Malhumorado

Tagalog Translation

Crabbed in Tagalog is Masungit

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