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Convalesce (IPA: /ˌkɑnvəˈɫɛs/)

Convalesce (v. i.)

To recover health and strength gradually, after sickness or weakness; as, a patient begins to convalesce.

Convalesce Synonyms

Recover, Recuperate

Convalesce Rhymes

Bess, Besse, Bless, Bress, Bresse, Ches, Chess, Cress, Crests, Dress, Es, Ess, Esse, Fess, Fests, Gess, Gless, Gress, Guess, Guests', Guests, Hess, Hesse, Jess, Kess, Kless, Kness, Kress, Kresse, Les, Less, Mess, Nes, Ness, Pesce, Pless, Press, Press', Presse, Ques, Ress, S, S., Stress, Tess, Tress, Vess, Wes, Yes

Address, Aggress, Assess, Attests, Bequests, Caress, Compress, Confess, Contests, Depress, Digests, Digress, Distress, Divests, Egress, Ellesse, Etess, Excess, Express, Express', Finesse, Fluoresce, Forbess, Fs, Impress, Infests, Invests, L'express, Largesse, Ls, Lutece, Lyness, Molests, Noblesse, Obsess, Oppress, Possess, Profess, Progress, Protests, Recess, Redress, Regress, Repress, Requests, Retests, Siese, Simplesse, Success, Suggests, Suppress, Transgress, Ts, Undress, Unless, Us, Vs

Abs, Acquiesce, Ccs, Coalesce, Convalesce, Cps, Cus, Dispossess, Dss, Ers, Ins, Las, Lcs, Nonetheless, Oas, Pos, Reassess, Reinvests, Repossess, Uss, Uys

Abts, Adss, Cmos, Hces, Kjos, Nevertheless, Stds, Tcas, Ws

Spanish Translation

Convalesce in Spanish is Convalecer

Tagalog Translation

Convalesce in Tagalog is Magpalakas

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