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Contusion (IPA: /kənˈtuʒən/)

Contusion (n.)

The act or process of beating, bruising, or pounding; the state of being beaten or bruised.

Contusion (n.)

A bruise; an injury attended with more or less disorganization of the subcutaneous tissue and effusion of blood beneath the skin, but without apparent wound.

Contusion Synonyms


Contusion Synonyms

Synonyms: []}

Contusion Rhymes


Allusion, Collusion, Conclusion, Confusion, Contusion, Delusion, Diffusion, Exclusion, Extrusion, Illusion, Inclusion, Infusion, Intrusion, Occlusion, Preclusion, Profusion, Seclusion, Transfusion

Disillusion, Rediffusion, Reperfusion

Spanish Translation

Contusion in Spanish is Contusión

Tagalog Translation

Contusion in Tagalog is Pasa

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